Etiquette & Policy

Please allow yourself enough time to find the location and parking if it’s your first visit,

and a few minutes prior to your appointment to fill out a medical history form (if you haven’t already filled out the downloadable forms available).

For your first visit, it is recommended that you book a bit more time to receive an assessment as part of your session.  An assessment includes a full postural assessment, along with range of motion and orthopedic testing if necessary. All information you disclose to us is confidential. The Privacy Policy is in effect.We respect the time you reserve as yours, but should you arrive late or need to leave early, you will be billed for the full session.  If however, we are running late and keep you waiting, you will only be billed for the remainder of the session if you cannot stay for your full session.

Should you cancel the same day , or not arrive for your session, you will be billed in full*.   Due to  past occurrences, there is a no-show policy in effect.

We will try our best to remind you of your appointment by phone or by e-mail (your preference), but essentially it is up to you to remember.   Please bear in mind that if you do not attend, someone else loses the opportunity to be treated.

*  We do understand that certain emergencies are unavoidable, but please try to give us as much notice as possible.   In certain circumstances, we will only bill you for half the price of your cancelled appointment.   However, full price will be applied to all no-shows.