At Bak Massage Therapy Clinic, we always do our best to meet your requirements and satisfy all your needs. We offer a variety of professional health care services that will help you to improve your everyday life.

We offer safe and effective treatments for physical and mental pain and strain.

Our services are reimbursed by all insurance companies. We work with work benefits, extended health care plans and extended health care benefits. If you have a motor vehicle accident, your treatment should be covered by your car insurance. We can bill directly to your car insurance company. For some services a physician’s referral may be required.

At Bak Massage Therapy Clinic you will be treated by highly qualified and professional Therapists who can also answer all your questions.

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Conditions treated with massage therapy:

~ headaches/migraines
~ tendonitis (repetitive strain injuries)
~ sprains and strains
~ carpal tunnel syndrome
~ thoracic outlet syndrome
~ sciatica
~ plantar fasciitis
~ sports injuries
~ pregnancy
~ scoliosis
~ and much more…!

Conditions treated with acupuncture:

— Arthritis pain
— Sinus conditions
— Respiratory illness
— Constipation
— Ulcers
— Migraines
— Back Pain
— Frozen shoulder
— T.M.J.
— Anxiety / Depression (and other mood disorders)
— Hormone balancing (P.M.S., symptoms of menopause)
— Weight loss
— Cessation of addictions (e.g. quit smoking)
— Cosmetic face lifts
— and much more!