About You

At Bak Massage Therapy Clinic our goal is to help YOU de-stress by decreasing tension, and reducing pain by relaxing the muscles.

Let’s face it –

Stress is something that everyone deals with on a day to day basis.

Stress is part of our lives.

But how we deal with the stress and the kind of stressors we deal with vary from person to person…

What is stress?  At the most general and basic meaning, stress is change. 

There is physical and structural stress, like a repetitive action that causes tendonitis; there is emotional stress, like receiving good or bad news; there is mental stress, like dealing with a problem or a deadline at work; and there is a physiological stress, like having a bacterial or viral infection.

There is eustress (good stress, like receiving good news ), and there is distress (bad stress).  Eustress does not manifest in the body the way distress does.  It is distress that wreaks havoc on our body and the systems.  Distress causes our sympathetic nervous system to be on high alert.  When the nervous system goes on high alert often enough, it maintains that level of tension in the muscles as a norm. For many, the tension often shows up in the neck and shoulders.  Massage therapy is a great way to help decrease the tension, and if you can get relaxed enough, it may even help bring the tone of your sympathetic nervous system down a notch where your muscles will actually feel more pliable.  A sure way to reach that goal is through regular therapeutic treatments, whether it is one form of therapy or a combination of therapies.

As you embark on this journey to renewed health, you will begin to see the benefits of regular treatment. Your will enjoy better circulation and improved overall health. When your body is healthy, you recover from injury faster and enjoy a greater sense of happiness and overall well being.

Thank you for considering Bak Massage Therapy Clinic to help you in your journey of a healthier and happier you!