Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is beneficial when you’re not in pain too.

Massage therapy has great benefits to your body, from as basic as increasing circulation, to providing rehabilitative treatments, or pain management.

  • Increased circulation can boost your immune system to work more efficiently, decreasing the chances of getting ill.
  • Increased circulation to your nervous system will allow you to feel more relaxed, decreasing the stress you may be feeling.

People often think of getting a massage only when they are in pain, or just to relax, not considering the other therapeutic aspects of massage therapy.  Regular on-going sessions will have longer lasting effects to your body, developing better tissue health, and better recovery to injuries.

Many massage therapists accumulate other modes of therapy to add to their repertoire of techniques, all to better serve you, and help you get back on track to a better you.

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Massage Therapy can help with:

~ headaches/migraines
~ tendonitis (repetitive strain injuries)
~ sprains and strains
~ carpal tunnel syndrome
~ thoracic outlet syndrome
~ sciatica
~ plantar fasciitis
~ sports injuries
~ pregnancy
~ scoliosis
~ and much more…!

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For regulatory information about Massage Therapy:

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  • Ontario Massage Therapist Association (OMTA):